Twin Neck Measure and Pour Bottle

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  • Easily measure your concentrated products without the risk of a mess!
  • 16oz bottle with 1oz measuring reservoir

The Twin Neck Measure and Pour Bottle allows you to easily store and measure any concentrated product with ease. When diluting products it is easy to accidentally spill or overpour some of the product during the process. This spilled product is money down the drain. The Twin Neck Measure and Pour Bottle incorporates the measuring cup directly in the bottle. With a simple squeeze of this 16oz bottle, the 1oz reservoir will fill. Once it is completely full, simply dump the 1oz of solution into your desired bottle, bucket, etc. This process helps guarantee an accurate pour each time, without the risk of mess! Use this bottle with your favourite instant detailer, degreaser, shampoo, and much more. 

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