Rupes UNO Protect One Step Polish & Sealant

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  • 250ml
  • Remove light imperfections and protect the paint with one formula!
  • Remove light swirls, oxidation, rids, etc.
  • Increases gloss and protects for up to 90 days

The Rupes UNO Protect One Step Polish & Sealant allows you to polish and protect in one easy to use product! When detailing we oftentimes struggle to cut down the time we take on each step. Add in our attention to detail as a detailer and next thing you know the entire day blows past you as you tackle your detail. With UNO Protect, you can combine the polishing and protection steps, saving you valuable detailing time! The specialised blend of abrasives, combined with high-quality synthetic sealant and carnauba wax allows UNO to quickly remove surface imperfections, swirls, and oxidation. Light defects will be a thing of the past in only a few passes! Better yet, UNO will leave behind a durable layer of polymer protection that adds gloss to the paint while protecting up to 90 days. You can work by hand, with a dual action, gear-driven or rotary polisher along with various pad combinations. Stop wasting time and polish and protect with the Rupes UNO Protect One Step Polish & Sealant!

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