P&S Shine All Performance Dressing

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  • Dressing that safely restores and protects various surfaces!
  • Works great on tires, rubber trim, interior rubber, leather, etc
  • Easy spray on, wipe off application

The P&S Shine All Performance Dressing is a water-based exterior dressing designed to leave behind a deep, dark shine on your trim pieces and tires. The high-quality formula is water-based and was originally designed for use on your tires but it is also incredible on so many trim pieces. It is perfect for quick and safe applications and since it is water-based, you do not have to worry about any ugly browning that can happen from other cheap silicone-based dressings. Simply spray it onto the surface, let dwell, wipe away excess and let it thoroughly dry. Shine All Performance Dressing provides an extremely high-gloss finish that is sure to turn heads. If you prefer a more low-key matte finish, Shine All still has you covered. All you have to do is apply it lightly or dilute with water and it will provide you with less shine, but you get the same high-quality protection. Shine All can be diluted to protect interior rubber, vinyl, and leather surfaces as well. Reach for this versatile dressing and protect various surfaces with ease!

Double Black Renny Doyle Collection: This collection consists of various P&S products that are hand-picked by Renny Doyle after extensive testing. Renny believes that these products stand with or above the competition as the best in the industry and he uses them personally and professionally. You will also see Renny and his team using these products at McCall's Motorworks Revival Event and The Quail or maintaining Air Force One planes. P&S and Renny will continue to evolve and improve this collection so that you can use the same products as a world-class detailer.

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