P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover

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  • 16oz
  • Remove brake dust and fallout from your paint and rims!
  • Formula changes colour to a deep purple
  • Mist, let dwell, rinse away, it is that easy!

The P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover is a colour-changing cleaner designed to help remove iron deposits safely. This fast-acting, pH balanced cleaner is specially formulated to dissolve iron deposits from wheels and painted surfaces. To apply, wash and dry surfaces to remove loose dirt and grime. Spray a generous amount of Iron Buster to the paint and/or wheels. Allow the product to dwell for 2 - 5 minutes if you are in the shade and sit back as the colour changes to a deep purple. If there is any sun, including overcast you will likely need to reduce the dwell time. When you see the colour change the formula is reacting to the iron while safely dissolving it and removing it from the surface. Rinse thoroughly with water using a hose or pressure washer and repeat process if necessary. Rust deposits, industrial dust, lime deposits, brake dust, and other contaminants are no match for this strong formula. What are you waiting for, thoroughly clean the surface of your vehicle with the P&S Iron Buster Wheel & Paint Decon Remover!

Disclaimer: This product is repackaged 

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