NanoSkin Glide

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  • 16oz
  • Awesome clay lube and quick detailer
  • Works great in combination with the Car Detailing Warehouse Clay Bars
  • Can be diluted from 7:1 - 10:1, creating at least 128 ounces from one 16oz bottle
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NanoSkin Glide is a key component in the decontamination process and a great quick detailer by itself. Glide not only provides adequate lubrication for claying, but it also helps to remove minor contaminants safely, like dust, dirt, fingerprints, bugs, and more! Mist a generous amount of Glide onto the surface and use a clay medium to buff off the contaminants with ease. This process will deep clean your finish. When you are done wipe the surface with a clean Microfiber towel to remove excess product and you'll have a clean surface with a great shine. Glide dries clear so you can use it on your glass, chrome, plastic, and trim for a quick cleaning and added shine. Don't forget you can use the NanoSkin Glide as a quick detailer as well so mist it on your paint and wipe with a clean microfibre towel for quick cleanings. The Glide is an incredible value as it can be diluted 10:1 as a clay lube or quick detailer. Therefore one 16 ounce bottle will create a minimum of one 128 ounces. So if you want a great deal on a high quality product,  the Glide is a great choice!


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