Meguiar's Surface Prep M122

In stock
  • 16oz
  • Safely and easily remove hard to see oils and contamination
  • Helps any protective layer bond to the surface better
  • Essential for use before coating applications
  • Sprays on and wipes away clean

The Meguiar's Surface Prep M122 allows you to make sure various exterior surfaces on your vehicle are completely clean! Virtually every polish leaves behind some ultra-fine layer of oil that is almost impossible to see. The surface may also have dust particles, fingerprints, polishing particles and other contaminants naturally found in the air settling on the vehicle. M122 is incredibly versatile and can function as anything from a final inspection spray, a quick detailer, or a final prep step before applying a coating. Just mist it on the paint and wipe it away with a clean microfibre towel and you'll see and feel a squeaky clean shine that you can apply any form of protection on top of. This is a ready to use formula, is low in solvents and is body shop safe. Don't let hard to see contamination ruin your coating application, reach for the Meguiar's Surface Prep M122!


Disclaimer: This product is repackaged 

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