Koch Chemie Heavy Cut H9.01 Polish

Koch Chemie
In stock
  • 250ml
  • Remove heavy imperfections, swirls, scratches, etc.
  • 1,200 grit sanding marks removed safely and easily
  • Low dusting and long work time

Eliminate scratches, swirls and other imperfections with the Koch Chemie Heavy Cut H9.01! The secret to this compound is in the extremely homogeneous abrasive grain. This chemical makeup allows you to safely and easily remove heavy imperfections in soft or hard paint types. Swirls, scratches, RIDS, oxidation, and 1,200 grit sanding marks will be removed in only a few passes, while the formula helps finish the paint down. You can polish for a prolonged period of time, produce very low amounts of dust, and leave behind a great deal of gloss and clarity. Depending on paint type, you may be left with some haze, but Koch Chemie has you covered with lower corrective options like the M3, P3, or F6. Grab a bottle of the Koch Chemie Heavy Cut H9.01!

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