Griots Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner w/ Spray Trigger

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  • Clean and protect your glass surfaces
  • Leaves behind durable SiO2 based protection
  • Hydrophobic properties shed water with ease

Griot's Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner will allow you to clean and protect your glass surfaces at the same time! This unique formula encapsulates dirt and grime on your glass surfaces, pulling it from the area and allowing you to safely wipe it away with a clean microfibre towel. After cleaning, this unique formula leaves behind a streak free finish while adding hydrophobic properties and durable SiO2 protection. This protection repels water, increasing visibility and safety during wet weather driving. You can use this cleaner not only on your vehicles glass surfaces, but you can use it to clean and protect exterior glass surfaces around your home. Clean and protect your glass surfaces today with the Griot's Garage Ceramic Glass Cleaner!

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