Colourlock Leather Shield Cleaning & Conditioning Kit

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  • Clean and protect your leather surfaces!
  • Easily remove like dirt and grime
  • Protects for up to three months

The Colourlock Leather Shield Mild Cleaning & Conditioning Kit is the perfect kit to help you condition and protect your new leather seats! Colourlock defines "new" as leather that has been used for 3 years or less. This type of leather does not need the addition of oils or regreasing as that is taken care of in the tanning process. With this kit, you will have the Colourlock Mild Leather Cleaner, Colourlock Leather Shield, cleaning sponge and a cleaning cloth. The cleaner will help you clean and maintain the leather, removing light dirt, grime, etc. The Leather Shield will help protect the seats from future dirt, grime, spills, dye transfer and general wear for up to three months. Shield and Mild Cleaner will work great on older leather as well, but if you need more cleaning power or are simply looking to protect older leather, the Colourlock Strong Leather Cleaner and Colourlock Leather Protector are a better option. If you are looking to clean and protected newer leather surfaces, the Colourlock Leather Shield Mild Cleaning & Conditioning Kit is a great kit to pick up!

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