Colourlock Leather Protector

In stock
  • 150ml
  • Protect various leather surfaces with ease
  • Repels dirt, grime, sweat, spills, UV rays, etc.
  • 3 months protection

The Colourlock Leather Protector protects your leather surfaces safely and easily! We get in and out of our cars every day and that strain can take effect on various areas of the vehicle. Dirt and grime will be brought into the car, the leather will be exposed to harmful UV rays, dye from jeans can transfer to the seats, etc. The key to keeping your leather looking and feeling brand new is to take the proper precautions and keep them cleaned, nourished and protected. Colourlock has various areas of leather care covered, but the Leather Protector will allow you to lock in any cleaning results, protecting your leather surfaces. This high-quality formula contains antioxidants, which stop leather decay and UV filters protect the leather surfaces from colour fading. To apply, simply spray the easy to apply foam formula onto the surface and massage in with an applicator or clean microfibre towel. Application is that easy and your seats will be protected from dirt, grime, spills, UV rays and more. Leather Protector will last for approximately 3 months at full strength and will not change the way the leather looks or feels. Don't leave your leather surfaces unprotected, pick up a bottle of Colourlock Leather Protector!

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