Chemical Guys VRP

Chemical Guys
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  • Very versatile protectant that restores vinyl, rubber and plastic
  • Prevents UV fading and makes trim look great
  • To avoid over spray, we recommend misting Extreme VRP into a microfibre towel to apply
  • Dries to the touch within minutes

This water based formula will help shine and protect your interior and exterior with ease. This product was formerly known as the Chemical Guys Extreme V.R.P. because it can protect so many different surfaces like your interior trim, dashboard, mouldings, exterior trim, tires, engine bay, etc. or any surface that is vinyl, rubber and plastic. It leaves a bold finish on any surface you apply it to, so it looks like new again. When you are done it is dry to the touch so you do not have a slick or oily feeling. The water based formula actually absorbs in to the surface conditioning and nourishing the surface. Most importantly it protects those surfaces from harmful UV rays that fade the surface over time. Just spray or wipe it on the desired surfaces and you'll have strong protection. Chemical Guys VRP will help repel dust so the surface stays cleaner for longer. It also smells very pleasant so you'll enjoy applying it and having it in your vehicle. This multi-surface dressing is the perfect addition to any detailers collection who enjoys perfection from their products.


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