Chemical Guys Polishing and Buffing Pad Conditioner

Chemical Guys
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  • 16oz
  • Allows your pads to become more receptive to polish by opening the foam's pores, allowing then to better absorb and utilise the product
  • The light conditioning lubricants inside add extra surface protection by reducing dry friction while polishing
  • Works with lubricants in the products you are using and provides extra needed lubrication to protect against micro-marring and burning paint
  • Extend the life of your pads by reducing friction which will tear the foam
  • Used by professionals to save money

Protect your paint finish and pads with Chemical Guys Polishing and Buffing Pad Conditioner. Machine polishing reduces friction and cuts your work time in half. While machine polishing, the pad appears to move easier and produces better results once you break it in and use it for a few minutes. This is mainly because the pad is dense and new, and it will take several minutes for the glaze, wax or polish you are using to work into the foam or wool pad. Making sure that the pad has enough product in it is the key, because using a dry pad on a paint surface or any surface for that matter can do some serious harm to your surface. 

Using a pad that is dry on a surface without any lubricant or product is referred to as dry buffing and plain and simple, it can be a costly mistake. Friction from dry-buffing can lead to creating fine scratches and dullness or even burning the paint. Condition your pad before you use it!

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