Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam

Chemical Guys
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  • Dense high foam shampoo that coats your entire vehicle in foam
  • Utilises a high tech PPM (Part Per Million) formula that produces millions of close grouping bubbles
  • Universally Pleasant Smell
  • Suds.....Suds.....and more SUDS!!!!
When you want a go to maintenance shampoo for your foam gun or foam lance

the Chemical Guys HoneyDew Snow Foam is a great choice. The close-grouping
cleaning bubbles form a dense cluster of foam coating your vehicle top to bottom
in suds. You'll love the way the suds cling to the exterior and start breaking up
contaminants instantly.

Despite its strong cleaning power it's actually a pH neutral formula that will not
strip off any wax or sealants so it's a great maintenance shampoo. It can be
diluted 1100:1 (water:shampoo) or simply use one cap full with a 5 gallon bucket
for maximum value. There is no one right dilution ratio so feel free to try a richer
concentration until it meets your needs. HoneyDew is known as a hyper-foaming
shampoo because of it's unique PPM (Parts Per Million) formula that produces
millions of close-grouping bubbles. The blanket of foam this shampoo leaves
behind is really like nothing you've seen before. The universally pleasant scent
instantly brings a smile to your face the second you open the cap.


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