Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap Bucket Insert

Chemical Guys
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  • Place it in your wash buckets to help keep the water and your wash mitt cleaner
  • Cyclone holes funnel and separate dirt from wash media
  • Dirt is trapped under the insert, keeping water above clean
  • Perfect fit in our 5 gallon buckets
  • Diameter of 10.5"
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The Cyclone Dirt Trap Bucket Insert will help you avoid adding those dreaded swirl marks when you are washing, by removing and trapping dirt from your wash media. According to Chemical Guys, "The Dirt Trap funnels of the Dirt Trap separate dirt through centripetal force and push it through tiny holes underneath the wash screen". This means that when you rinse off your wash mitt, sponge, etc. the dirt will be pushed through the tiny cyclone holes in the Dirt Trap and trapped underneath it. This way you will not see dirt floating up in your wash bucket, it will all be trapped underneath the Dirt Trap! Simply place the Cyclone Dirt Trap at the bottom of your bucket, it is that easy! The Dirt Trap fits snugly at the bottom of any of our 5 gallon buckets or 3.5 gallon buckets, and it will not float up to the top when in use. If you have any buckets on hand, the Cyclone will most standard size 5 gallon buckets and many other round buckets. When you are finished washing you can simply rinse off your Cyclone and let it air dry for your next use, no other maintenance is needed! If you are looking for an easy way to cut down on adding swirls and scratches during the wash process, pick up the Cyclone Dirt Trap Bucket Insert today!

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