Chemical Guys All Clean+ Citrus Based APC

Chemical Guys
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The Chemical Guys All Clean+ will clean away dirt, grime, and stains from virtually any surface! Literally you can use this product just about anywhere inside and outside the vehicle. Simply dilute it to 10:1 ratio for exterior cleaning and 20:1 for interior cleaning. So one 16oz bottle can make over 350 ounces of cleaning solution! The secret behind All Clean+'s cleaning power is in its natural citrus extracts from limes. These gentle yet powerful citrus extracts are the active cleaning ingredients behind this formula, instead of harsh chemicals. Using the formula, will break the bond between the contamination and the surface, allowing you to easily remove grease, human oils, juices, road grime, dirt, and tar. For stubborn buildups, let All Clean+ dwell for a few minutes then agitate the problem area with a brush or sponge.



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