Car Detailing Warehouse Bamboo Activated Carbon Air Purifying Bag

In stock
  • Non toxic
  • Soaks up odours and moisture
  • No fragrance of chemicals
  • Sealed in durable and premium linen bag
  • 2 pack

Car Detailing Warehouse’s all new Bamboo Activated Air Purifying Bag is the easiest way to keep out the odours and moisture. This non toxic activated carbon is sealed in a durable linen and filled with bamboo-activated charcoal, these bags are safe to use on any material or surface. The key to this product is in the bag, where hundreds of charcoal beads soak up odours and moisture, and function as a sponge while removing impurities from the air around it! While at work on the floor or door compartments of your car, these bags use the air flowing through it and act as a filter for any unwanted particles in the air! Contains no fragrance or chemicals. Each bag has an effective lifespan of 1 year.

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