Car Detailing Warehouse Ultra Premium Clay Towel

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  • Clay Towel helps maintain a clean & smooth surface!  An evolution of the clay bar!
  • 12”x12”
  • Use on painted and glass surfaces

The Car Detailing Warehouse Ultra  Premium Clay Towel allows you to remove embedded contamination safely and easily! Before polishing or protecting your paint, it is imperative that you remove any embedded contamination from the paint. This is generally done with a clay bar, however, it can also be done with a clay bar alternative item like the Ultra Premium Clay Towel. This towel is a mix of a microfibre towel and a polymerised rubber pad. Just simply spray your favourite clay lube onto the surface and glide across the area. With light pressure, slide the towel back and forth so it can separate and remove contaminants from the exterior of your vehicle. We recommend misting the detailer over a 2' x 2' area and wipe away any excess lube afterward with a clean microfibre towel. It is just that easy and your car will feel smooth and free of contaminants once you are done. This will set you up for better results with any polish, glaze, sealant, wax, or coating application! Use this towel on your paint and glass to remove paint overspray, brake dust, tar, and other embedded contamination from the surface. Another key feature over clay is that while you will need to reshape clay, this towel can be simply rinsed and reused. Skip the clay bar and use the Rag Company Ultra Clay Towel!

Pro Tip: Prior to initial use rub the Ultra Clay Towel on glass using clay lubricant. Inspect surface of the Ultra Clay Towel before and during use. To clean the clay surface, spray clay surface with lubricant and wipe gently with hand. After repeated use, or if too much contamination is present, discard and use a new Ultra Clay Towel.

  • Do not soak in liquid
  • Do not squeeze or wring out
  • Do not store laying flat on clay media surface
  • Do not store wet in air tight containers
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