Car Detailing Warehouse The Big Sucker Drying Towel

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  • Remove water from the exterior surface of your vehicle!
  • Designed to Dry All Vehicle Surfaces Faster, More Thoroughly and More Gently than Conventional Drying Towels
  • 70/30 blend and 100% Korean Microfiber Makeup
  • 1150 GSM
  • 20" x 32" - Our Largest Sucker Towel

Introducing The Big Sucker Drying Towels - One of the most unique high-quality detailing towels at Car Detailing Warehouse, coming in at 1150GSM!! This is the largest size drying towel amongst the 3. 

The Big Sucker Microfiber Drying Towel will allow you to safely and quickly remove water from the exterior of your vehicle! This towel is a hybrid twist loop/plush drying towel that combines elements of the popular Twist Loop material with elements from the The Finale Microfiber Towel. This gives the towel the unique striped look with dual nap lengths, providing you with quick moisture wicking from the surface. 100% premium Korean Microfibers and a stout 1150gsm provide a soft, yet sturdy towel feel. The towel is charcoal grey on both sides. The Big Sucker is extremely durable and with proper care will provide you with hundreds of washings, getting softer with each use!

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