Car Detailing Warehouse Screw On Funnel

In stock
  • Helps you easily dilute your favourite products, without spills!
  • Screws directly onto most 4oz - 32oz bottles
  • Large funnel opening and reusable material

The Car Detailing Warehouse Screw On Funnel helps you mix or dilute your favourite detailing products with ease! When using traditional funnels, they often do not fit snuggly into the bottle, causing them to wobble which frequently leads to spills. Now you have wasted product, money and time on the clean up.  Simply screw the funnel onto the bottle, and use both hands to slowly and safely pour the desired amount of product into your bottle. If you are looking for an easier way to dilute your favourite detailing chemicals, the Car Detailing Warehouse Screw On Funnel is a great tool!

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