Car Detailing Warehouse pRIMe Rim Woolie

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  • Extremely fluffy head made from genuine Merino Wool which gently scrubs away grime
  • Extra soft and safe on all wheel types
  • Angled bend allows you to reach behind spokes, callipers, rims, etc. with ease
  • Metal-free design minimises risk of scratching
  • Comfortable hand grip keeps brush from slipping

The Car Detailing Warehouse pRIMe Rim Woolie is designed to reach the back of your rims safely and easily! This brush is manufactured with 100% Merino Sheepskin Wool and all of the brush components are 100% polypropylene, ultrasonically welded with no adhesives, glues, metals or staples. This allows you to clean safely and with confidence, even on the most sensitive wheel finishes. Use it on wheels that are painted, chrome, aluminium, clear coated, alloy, bare metals, matte and so much more. What makes this brush stand out is the angled head. This slight bend at the top of the Rim Woolie and  being 50 cm in length makes reaching the back of your rim, spoke, or calliper super easy. 

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