Car Detailing Warehouse Low Pressure Foam Gun

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  • Produces Thick Suds For Car Washing
  • Attaches To Standard Garden Hose
  • Includes 32oz Canister with Quick Connect & Spray Nozzle
  • Get your preferred ratio of soap to water with the dial

A cost-effective but still efficient tool used for foaming down your vehicle with any shampoo without the use of a pressure washer. Foam Guns & Foam Cannons help loosen dirt and remove the top layer of dirt from your paint's surface making for a safer washing system. Car Detailing Warehouse Low Pressure Foam Gun is another option for foaming down your vehicle prior to a proper Two Bucket Wash routine. This Foam Gun eliminates the need for a pressure washer and give you the ability to wash your vehicle anywhere that has a garden hose. The Foam Gun has quality construction that will provide years of use when maintained and cared for properly.

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