Car Detailing Warehouse Horse Hair Upholstery Brush

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  • Soft and safe horse hair fibres make this a great tool for cleaning
  • Very durable materials and design, makes a great investment
  • Easy to use and highly effective cleaning tool
  • Helps thoroughly clean mats, carpets, seats (leather and fabric), convertible tops, trim, etc.

The Car Detailing Warehouse  Horse Hair Upholstery Brush is a soft and safe choice to use while detailing your vehicle's interior and more. Use it to safely clean the carpets, mats, fabric seats, leather seats, steering wheel, trim, etc. The fibers are gentle and soft so you know it's won't scratch any surface or pull at the fibres in the upholstery. This brush gives you the confidence to clean any surface knowing it will not be too firm or potentially cause any issues. Fabric convertible tops are another great place to use this brush, because you don't want to pull out any of these fibres. The horse's hair fibres are much safer than nylon bristles which may be too strong for some convertible tops. It measures 6" x 2.5" and the fibres are over 1" long fitting comfortably in your hand while easy to use. The brushes durability is excellent so it's a great investment that you'll be using for years and years. Clean your vehicle with confidence knowing you have a safe and easy to use brush with the DI Brushes Horse's Hair Upholstery Brush.

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