Car Detailing Warehouse Flat Wrench Polisher Tool

In stock
  • Flat Wrench is critical to safely tightening any backing plate
  • Works with any Car Detailing Warehouse Polisher
  • Use it to periodically tighten your backing plate or for swapping backing plates/li>

Every  polisher comes with a Flat Wrench which allows you to screw in a backing plate. If you've lost this tool, don't worry we have a replacement wrench for you. This specially designed wrench perfectly fits in between the backing plate and buffer so you can secure the backing plate. It is absolutely critical to securely fasten a backing plate to the polisher, failing to do so can result in the backing plate rattling free and literally flying off the buffer. Make sure you have a flat wrench on hand to tighten your backing plate periodically and for anytime you want to change backing plates.

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