Car Detailing Warehouse Dilution Bottle

In stock
  • 32oz - Does NOT come with Trigger Sprayer
  • Dilute your favourite cleaning chemicals in this bottle
  • Bottle features molded-in dilution scale, ounces and millilitres for easy measuring
  • Made of high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE)
  • 28/400 neck finish works with most sprayers

Car Detailing Warehouse Dilution Bottle(32 oz) is the perfect bottle to use when you need to dilute your favourite detailing products. Use it with cleaners, degreasers, shampoos, clay lubes, quick detailers, dressings and so much more!  It does not come with a trigger but the Tolco Chemical Resistant Trigger Sprayer is a perfect fit and it is chemical resistant so it will withstand the powerful cleaning agents of any chemical you may be using. If you are looking for a durable bottle that can used for dilution then the Car Detailing Warehouse Dilution Bottle is for you.

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