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Car Detailing Warehouse Bucket Vinyl Labels

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  • Label your buckets with a beautiful and sleek sticker
  • Help reduce bucket confusion and cross contamination
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The two bucket wash system is widely used by many high quality detailers for best results. The main reason behind using this system is to differentiate which specific bucket is for rinsing and which is for washing, which will allow you to remove more dirt from your wash media and keep it in your rinse bucket. When you go back to using your wash bucket, you will be soaking up suds in your wash media, not any dirt or grime that you previously removed! This two bucket combination greatly reduces the risk of adding any new swirls and scratches into your paint, leaving you with a swirl free finish!

After getting your buckets all set-up with these vinyl labels, this whole labeling concept will clearly make sense.  You will no longer be dipping your wash pad/mitt in the wrong bucket.  Here at Car Detailing Warehouse, we think they look best when placed on white translucent buckets.  You can choose to buy the set of 3 or individually.

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