AUTO FANATIC Professional Wheel & Tire Cleaning Foam (RTU)

Auto Fanatic
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  • 1 Gallon
  • Ready to use formula (RTU)
  • No Fumes Non Acidic No Iron Activator
  • For Use in Pump Up Foamer and Foam Cannon
  • Safe for Ceramic Coatings, Wheel Sealants and Waxes
  • Safe for all Finishes Included Billet, Anodised, Chrome and Polished

The Auto Fanatic Professional Wheel Cleaning Foam Mega Concentrate is a revolutionary new wheel cleaning solution for factory OEM & Aftermarket Wheels. This safe and effective  formula works on all finishes including paint, clear coat, chrome, anodised and billet aluminium. The Auto Fanatic Professional Wheel Cleaning Foam does not contain colour changing iron activating ingredients that are harmful to your wheels, braking components and your health. For use in a foam cannon or pump up professional foamer. Exclusively manufactured using the finest raw material suppliers in an ISO 9001:2015 facility ensures our commitment to quality. 

Each product offered under the Auto Fanatic brand is curated on performance, perfection and exceptional value. Easy No Scrub Formula on Fanatically Maintained and Coated Wheels Our proprietary formula reactivates brake dust and pulls dirt and grime from the surface of wheels and tires, breaking up tough deposits with little to no agitation. Our multi-stage corrosion inhibitor additives prevent issues with your brake system and suspension components. The high lubricity of our dual stage foam tackles the toughest brake dust without attacking the base surface finish. Light agitation may be required for heavily soiled wheels. This exclusive formula has been tested against blacktop and concrete staining and premature corrosion of your brake and suspension hardware. The Auto Fanatic Professional Wheel Cleaning foam leaves no residue on your hands that can burn your skin, and has no harsh fumes or chemical kick back. For wheels that are damaged and neglected light agitation is required.

Disclaimer: This product is repackaged 

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