Adam’s Graphene Detail Spray

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  • Contains graphene ceramic resins
  • Enhance Gloss, Slickness & Depth of Colour
  • Generates a highly hydrophobic surface
  • Extends the protection of waxes, sealants and coatings
  • Easy, Streak Free Finish – Safe on All Surfaces

Graphene Detail Spray is modelled after Adam’s most iconic and versatile product, Adam’s Detail Spray! Simply spray and wipe for a streak free, brilliant finish which now also provides additional slickness, gloss, depth of colour and relentless water beading all its own.

Due to the unique nature of graphene-oxide, we are able to formulate the same resins contained in our Graphene Ceramic Coating and Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating directly into water-based systems, such as our Adam’s Detail Spray! This added functionality allows Graphene Detail Spray to universally extend the life of any of our waxes, sealants and even coatings or be utilised as its own form of stand-alone protection. Unlike Adam's CS3, Graphene Detail Spray™ is designed to work best on a clean, freshly washed surface and is not intended to act as a type of waterless wash.

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