303 Touchless Sealant

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  • 32oz
  • Spray it on and rinse it off!
  • Up to 6 months of protection!
  • Use on paint, wheels and glass
  • Blocks UV rays and repels dirt
  • Beautiful shine!

303 Touchless Sealant is one of the fastest ways to add strong protection to your paint that also looks great! You simply spray it on and rinse it off, nothing could be more simple or more effective! After washing spray it on your wet paint, glass, wheels, etc. and you instantly protect each surface for up to 6 months! The paint will have a great shine afterward so it looks like you spent hours waxing the car when really you just spent a few minutes applying the 303 Touchless Sealant! It will help block UV rays and repel contaminants so the shine lasts longer.

To fully appreciate this product you have to understand the quality 303 puts into all their products with a dedicated water based chemist on staff and a state of the art lab to develop and test their products in house. Like all 303 products it's not repackaged from another manufacturer, it's created from scratch and tested thoroughly to ensure perfection. They put quality above all else and still offer affordable products for enthusiasts and professionals!

Product Use Directions: Wash your car out of direct sunlight while surface is cool. While surface is still wet and out of direct sunlight, spray a small amount of product evenly across surface, treating one section of vehicle at a time. Only a light mist of product is needed. Immediately rinse section off. You will see water beading on surface, meaning it is now protected. Repeat steps on all sections of vehicle, and then dry thoroughly with a waffle weave drying towel or microfibre towel. Make sure to rinse product off each section of vehicle thoroughly immediately after applying product, do not let dry on surface, as water spots may occur. Water spots and streaks can also occur if too much product is used, and not rinsed off thoroughly. If water spots occur, rinse surface thoroughly again and dry.

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