1.1mm Orifice Nozzle Tip And Foam Filter(Wire Mesh)

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  • Increase water flow and get more foam
  • Decrease restriction and machine pulsation
  • Great option for lower pressure washers
  • Comes with stainless steel foam filter replacement

The 1.1 MM Orifice Nozzle for lower pressure washers allows you to achieve a higher flow compared to the standard orifice in your Foam Lance or Foam Cannon! The purpose of a larger orifice is to allow more water to pass through, which decreases restriction and may eliminate pulsation of your machine. This added water flow also helps produce more foam, especially with low pressure washers. If your pressure washer is struggling with your Foam Lance/Cannon, or you are simply looking to take your foam to the next level, this 1.1 MM Orifice is a great option! This set comes with a replacement stainless steel foam filter. Over time product residue builds up in the foam filter, hindering the foaming ability of the Foam Lance or Foam Cannon. Keep your foamers working in its optimal performance!

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